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Texas Sabal Palms

Sitz Farm is family owned and located in Bay City, Texas.

Wholesale and Individual purchases are available. 

Our Texas Sabal Palm Trees

(sabal texana)

Field grown Texas Sabal Palms are freeze hardy to 5 degrees.
These pictures were taken in March right AFTER the Texas freeze apocalypse in February 2021.

Sabal Palm Tree
Sabal Palm Tree
Moving Sabal Palms
Sabal Palms March 2021

What are Texas Sabal Palm Trees?

(sabal texana)

Texas Sabal Palm trees are native to Texas and can grow to 50 feet tall. Their cylindrical trunk can grow up to 2 feet in diameter. The head of the palm tree can reach up to 20′ in diameter.

The palm has a dense, round crown of live fronds and a “skirt” of dead fronds hugging the trunk.
Texas Sabal Palms are planted widely for ornamental purposes and are cold-hardy to Austin, Texas. The palms can withstand a variety of soil conditions, salt, and wind. Their leaves are large, fan-shaped fronds, 4 to 6 feet long and wide, with a stiff, toothless leaf stalk as long as the blade. A central leaf vein forms a stout, curving divide between the two frond halves.
Long branched stalks, 7 or 8 feet long, bear pale flower clusters in spring.
The fruit of a Texas Sabal Palm consists of a round, black berry, 0.5″ in diameter, and appears in summer.

excerpts from Texas A&M Forest Service


Sabal Palm Tree

Trees are pre-paid prior to harvest depending on arrangements and harvesting the trees is dependent upon the weather. We operate our family farm during daylight hours only.


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